Schools Not Slavery - YOU Make It Possible

Schools Not Slavery is saving Haiti’s most vulnerable children from human trafficking, keeping them in school where they belong.

Last year, more than 2,800 children benefitted from Schools Not Slavery.  Later this Fall, Beyond Borders will launch Schools Not Slavery again. This year, with the care, concern and generosity of donors like you, we can save even more children from slavery.

YOU can join us in the way that best fits you and your family:

arrows_set11Donate – $200 funds a month of school in one of the 25 classrooms where we work. Donate now.

arrows_set11Partner – E-mail us to partner with one of the 25 classrooms & invite your family & friends to help you raise $2,400 to FULLY FUND a classroom.

arrows_set11Spread the Word – Share the Schools Not Slavery story with your friends on Facebook and Twitter and invite them to join you.

Our goal is simple: to save as many of Haiti’s most vulnerable children from human trafficking as possible.

Our goal is simple:  to save as many of Haiti’s most vulnerable children from human trafficking as possible.

We know that the best way to keep kids out of slavery is to keep them in the classroom.  That’s why Schools Not Slavery exists – to ensure children grow up at home with families who love them, protect them and educate them – instead of sending them away to live with others as household slaves.

To be sure, parents in Haiti are just like parents everywhere – they want the best for their children. But when impoverished rural families can’t even afford to feed and clothe their children – let alone send them to school – often times sending their children away for a chance at a better life in the city seems like the only option.

But thanks to the generous support of donors like you, Schools Not Slavery is giving parents another option – to keep their children at home, in the warm embrace of family, where they are loved, cared for and sent to school.