Ending Child Slavery is a Team Effort ...

It takes a team effort to end child slavery in Haiti.

It also takes a team effort to raise the funds we need to support this work.

1796064_10152047120027669_384358663_oThis May, our No Child a Slave campaign is raising funds to support Child Protection Brigades in 25 Port-au-Prince neighborhoods. These brigades are charged with standing up to abusers in their neighborhood and helping children trapped in slavery to find a safe haven and a way back home.

We Need Your Leadership!

Raising the funds we need to carry out this work is a team effort. And during the next few weeks of the No Child a Slave campaign, we need committed leaders like you to help us raise the funds needed for just 1 of these 25 neighborhoods.

Screen shot 2014-04-29 at 2.34.15 PMAs a No Child a Slave Team Leader, you will help lead and encourage a small group of committed people like yourself who care deeply about ending child slavery and are committed to making a difference for children in the 1 neighborhood with which you’re partnered.

Being a Team Leader will require approximately 2 hours a week reaching out via e-mail, social media and phone calls to the people assigned to your team and recruiting friends and family to your team to help meet your fundraising goal.

You Can Do It! We'll Help!

Each Team’s Goal

The goal of each team is to raise $3,600 from among team members and their friends and family. A generous supporter will match every dollar a team raises, up to $3,600, meaning your team’s $3,600 becomes $7,200, doubling the impact of your fundraising!

Team Leader Tools

We’ll be with you every step of the way.  From now until the end of the campaign on June 15, we will coach you and give you access to tools to make this effort rewarding and easy. All you need is the internet and a willingness to spend a few hours a week communicating with people on your team. We will help you build that team from among people you know and people we will introduce you to by email.

  • Stories and Reports: We will give you compelling stories and progress reports that you can share with others on your team. These stories will motivate them and the people they are in touch with to help you reach your team goal.
  • Email and Social Media Posts: We will send you sample emails and social media posts that you can adapt and then share with your team.
  • Tools for Tracking Team Progress: We will also give you the ability to track the progress of your team so you can send encouraging messages to your team members.

Yes, I Will Be a Team Leader!

It’s simple. Just e-mail or call Brian Stevens at (305) 450-2561 to let him know you are ready to get started. He will schedule a time with you. He can coach you via email or give you a call to walk you through the process of personalizing your team account. This may take 15 or 20 minutes.

On behalf of the children in this neighborhood, thank you so much for your leadership!

We’re called to love one another as God loves us.  It doesn’t matter where a child is born. We’re called to love that child and work for that child to receive the same care and nurturing we would give our own children. It means so much to me to know that children in this neighborhood now have courageous leaders trained and committed to standing up for them.  I can’t imagine a more meaningful investment.

Chris Adams Team Leader, Neighborhood Team #1